Should Microsoft Pay You Money For Windows 10 Upgrade Nuisance?

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Windows 10 Upgrade

Microsoft’s aggressive MS windows 10 rollout have become a cause for distinct types of problems faced by the windows users. Now, after the free upgrade offer is over, a united kingdom rights organization “Which?” has demanded that Microsoft should compensate the users for the issues it’s free Ms windows 10 upgrade offer is now over. After receiving tons of criticism over the disturbing improvements, the organization has now even rolled out an upgrade to kill Ms windows 10 Downloader on Ms windows 7 and 8.1.

In a recent development, a UK consumer rights organization Which? has asked the company to compensate the Ms windows 10 users for the problems as a result of the upgrade. The rights organization states that there’s a widespread anger amongst windows consumers and they have received numerous complaints about issues caused by Ms windows 10 upgrade.Which? states that Ms windows users have faced issues like lost wi-fi, poor Wi-Fi overall performance, unsynced e-mail accounts, disabled printers and so on.

This comes after a survey performed by means of Which?, which recommended that 12 percent of windows 10 upgrades rolled back to windows 7 or 8.1. most people of downgrades stated that the upgrade affected their Desktop Pc in an adverse way.”we rely heavily on our computer systems to perform daily activities so, after they stop working, it’s miles frustrating and annoying,” says Alex Neill, Which? Director of Campaigns and policy.

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The rights organization admits that Redmond provides free smartphone and on-line help to help the affected crowd. however, Neill demands that Microsoft must do something more than fixing the issues.There no denying the truth that Microsoft screwed up the Ms windows 10 upgrade process, probable, because of their aggressive strategies to achieve the one billion windows 10 installations by mid-2018.

Having said that, in case you are dealing with some issues with windows 10, you can read windows 10 guide.have to Microsoft pay the users for the problems it caused ? Don’t forget about to drop your views and comments on the comments section below.



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