Intel Skylake Xeon V5 Engineering Samples Up To 28 Cores Clocked at 1.8 GHz, 165W TDP with 38.5 MB L3 Cache

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Intel Skylake Xeon V5 Processors Revealed – 28 Core Processor Confirmed With 165W TDP

Zauba has listed down Intel Skylake Xeon V5 server parts. Broadwell-based Xeon V4 series is just released by Intel and that would be replaced by Skylake based Xeon Processors V5 series in 1H 2017. The manufactured samples give us a quick look at the specifications for Intel’s upcoming Xeon processors.

Zauba has listed down a couple of processors. One thing to be noted that all processors listed on the site are manufactured samples and final specifications are probable to change. Many new features to the table are incorporated in Intel Skylake; latest Purley platform is one of them.

The Purley platform will feature the Storm Lake Gen 1 architecture. It is the integrated platform, it will support 2S, 4S and 8S chips in the Skylake-EP and Skylake-EN lineup. The new material can deliver up to 100 GB/s interconnect speed with 56% lower latency compared to the existing generation Infini-band Interconnect It let up to 48 ports with the new Switch Chip architecture.

Intel Skylake Xeon V5 Engineering Samples Up To 28 Cores Clocked at 1.8 GHz, 165W TDP with 38.5 MB L3 Cache

The updated socket is included in the new platform, upgraded to feature 3647 pins that give it LGA 3647 name. Purley will be expanding Intel’s server platform with a range of new features.

The Xeon V5 has 11 different parts. These mostly contain 165W, 145W, and 135W parts. It is the 28 core, 56 thread SKU that is clocked at 1.8 GHz and has a TDP rated at 165W. Skylake Xeon V5 has a different cache system than previous Xeon processors. Each core has 1.375 MB of dedicated L3 cache. Each core featured 2.5 MB of dedicated L3 cache on Broadwell Xeon V4.

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Skylake-X roadmap chart reveals the same cache numbers for 10 core SKUs, which is certainly lower cache than previous gen processors. Intel will compensate this loss by adding some architectural changes on the big dies. On the mainstream desktop and mobile parts cache system won’t be affected.

Intel Skylake Xeon V5 ES Specs:

CPU Cores CPU Threads Clock Speed Cache TDP
28 cores 56 threads 1.8 GHz 38.75 MB L3 165W
28 cores 56 threads 1.5 GHz 38.75 MB L3 165W
24 cores 48 threads 1.8 GHz 33.00 MB L3 145W
20 cores 40 threads 1.8 GHz 27.50 MB L3 145W
16 cores 32 threads 2.4 GHz 22.00 MB L3 165W
16 cores 32 threads 1.8 GHz 22.00 MB L3 135W
16 cores 32 threads 1.5 GHz 22.00 MB L3 135W
14 cores 28 threads 1.8 GHz 19.25 MB L3 135W
12 cores 24 threads 1.X GHz 16.50 MB L3 105W
10 cores 20 threads 1.X GHz 13.75 MB L3 73W
4 cores 8 threads 2.X GHz 8.250 MB L3 105W


The Intel Skylake Xeon V5 Processors (ES)
Next year, Skylake Xeon V5 will be going up against AMD’s Zen based Naples platform. AMD is sure that their chips will be feature performance parity with their rivals after a very long time.



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