Intel Launches New 7th Generation 14nm plus Processors with Kaby Lake Architecture

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14nm plus Processors with Kaby Lake

Intel has quite recently launched the 14nm plus Processors with Kaby Lake architecture with a total of 6 SKUs as well as the m-series. Developing on the 14-nanometer process, the new cycle of the architecture that should never have existed is being dubbed 14nm plus.

New launch process with finely tuned fin profile Kaby Lake engineering will present many “optimizations” over Skylake, and another media engine is one of the few things explicitly specified in the slides. Highlighting a Gen9 graphics design, the new iGPU will have the capacity to support hardware based HEVC 10 bit (4K UHD) and VP9 decoding. In so far as actual performance gains go, Intel’s slides boast a general efficiency change of 12% over the last generation and more than 19% as far as web performance.

Intel Launches New 7th Generation 14nm plus Processors with Kaby Lake Architecture
Intel Launches New 7th Generation 14nm plus Processors with Kaby Lake Architecture

7th Gen Intel Core processors deliver richer encounters, incredible execution, and responsiveness, and genuine ultra HD 4K entertainment in staggering new gadgets. 7th Gen Intel Core processors are fabricated on silicon wafers at Intel generation facilities.

Navin Shenoy, the Intel corporate VP and general manager for its Client Computing Group, talks about the advantages of the 7th Gen Intel Core processor.

The processors will highlight in up to 100 outlines in the last quarter of 2016. Here is the place things get intriguing, however. The primary thing we specified was the S 4+2 class – which is the shorthand for the standard quad-core variations by Intel. As indicated by the guide this will be arriving in December this year. Also, see the way this has HDCP 2.2 expressed in the top mark – which implies HDMI 2.0 will be fully supported.

Intel Launches New 7th Generation 14nm plus Processors with Kaby Lake Architecture
7th Gen Intel Core processors deliver richer experiences, incredible performance and responsiveness, and true ultra HD 4K entertainment in stunning new devices. (Credit: Intel Corporation)

Intel takes computing to the next level with the 7th Gen Intel® Core™ processor family. 7th Gen Intel Core processors are intended for the Immersive Internet and based on a solid establishment of the Skylake microarchitecture. Intel’s most recent 14nm processors convey more responsive execution than ever, awesome simulation and gaming, powerful security, and considerably more characteristic, natural associations with your PC. With incredible upgrades that change the  viewing experience with 4K UHD videos, 360-degree videos , numerous video streams, and premium substance playback, the seventh Gen Intel Core processors for portable stages empower another approach to appreciating the sharp and drawing in substance over a scope of structure components.

It provides 70 % and above mobile productivity, 5 times better performance, beautify 1400 photos in one minute, provide multitasking, play the favorite game in HD, provide smooth premium content playback up to 4k, Quickly and effortlessly create, edit and share and Enjoy up to 9.5 hours of 4K video playback.

Intel Kaby Lake Slide Deck

Intel scales seventh Gen Intel Core processors to an assortment of PC designs at a wide range of price points, which may incorporate features like Thunderbolt™ 3 USB Type-C single-wire association, low power premium sound, and hassle free facial recognition like Windows* Hello. Users can also hope to see PC designs based on 7th Gen Intel Core processors with a variety of intuitive input options like touch, voice, and stylus.


Processor family for mobile and desktop PCs includes SIMPLICITY AND CONVENIENCE and has RICH, IMMERSIVE EXPERIENCE. Notebooks with the adaptable Thunderbolt 3 innovation, give an inconceivable I/O experience. More designs supporting touch, voice and stylus information, the natural connection gets to be pervasive with 7th Gen Intel Core processors, empowering users to streamline their communications and unleash their inventiveness. It enables powerful photo and video editing, multiple video streams, 360degree videos, high-resolution video chat and HD platform to play your favorite games.

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It also includes responsive response:

Power-efficient micro-architecture, propelled process technology and silicon optimizations to convey speedier execution than past generation processors. PCs empowered with Microsoft Windows Modern Standby can wake quickly at the push of a button, so users don’t need to sit tight for their system to start up.7th Gen Intel Core processor-based systems have longer battery life


I/O in U and Y arrangement seventh Gen Intel Core processors offers Gen 3 PCIe bolster, supporting higher information exchange rates of 8 GT/s versus 5 GT/s with PCIe Gen 2. The most recent Intel® Rapid Storage Technology bolsters NVMe PCIe x4 strong state drives and is fit for using Gen 3 PCIe Speeds. The Intel® Context Sensing SDK for the Intel® Integrated Sensor Solution permits third-party programming sellers to create energizing sensor-improved applications

Accessibility and lineup n 7th Gen:

This declaration will include Intel Core m3 processor, Intel Core i3, Intel Core i5 and Intel Core i7 processors. We anticipate that OEMs will begin shipping 7th Gen systems to end users by a start of September.



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