HTML Navigation Bar(nav), HTML Divisions

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HTML Text Graphical-based Rollover Navigation Bar Divisions Elements

in this tutorial, I will briefly talk on HTML Text Graphical-based Rollover Navigation Bar Divisions Elements

HTML Navigation Bar(nav)

Navigation is a one of the most important elements in web designing. Navigation is an important design element which provides the users with a sense of orientation and guides them through the Web site. Menu links are always on navigation bar which can be the horizontal or vertical position. nav play a most important role in a other words, it allows a user to navigate through the webpage and website.

Text-based Navigation Bar

the navigation menu is most used elements in a website comparing to others elements used in a is important to make sure that user of your site should be able to easily navigate your site through its site text based nav no icon or graphic used it is only on text base to make easy to display in a browser by reducing loading page time. Text based navigation can be displayed either horizontally or vertically.

Graphical Navigation Bar

Graphical Navigation Bar looks more attractive and good comparing then to a text based Navigation can make a more noticeable to a user visiting the other words, we can say Graphical Navigation Bar is better than text based Navigation Bar comparing it as its visual look. Defiantly Graphical Navigation Bar takes a long time to load in browser

Graphical Navigation Bar with Rollover Effects

Graphical Navigation Bar with Rollover Effects similar to the graphical navigation bar except for the additional feature.Moving the mouse over the linked image change of image leads to an image swapping process. When the mouse is moved off the image, the image swaps back to the previous view. This rollover effect creates an interactive activity between the Web site and the visitor. This rollover effect has two different activities that include the image in the original view and the changed image after mouse rollover.

HTML Divisions

Classing Block/Divisions Elements

It is a block level element used as a container for HTML elements .The tag can contain any other tag.the <div> tag used for block/division in HTML after coming HTML 5 new semantic tags reasonably reduce a lot of tag’s usage but it is still important in html5 where no other semantically appropriate element left that suits the purpose in a Web page development there <div> tag can be used.

Classes div make it possible to apply equal styles for equal <div> elements:

Note: By default, browsers always place a line break before and after the <div> element. However, this can be changed with CSS.


The <div> tag is a block-level element.
The <div> tag can contain any other tag.
In HTML 5, the <div> tag can be found inside any element that can contain flow elements, such as other <div>, <address>, <section>, and <table>.



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