Head Transplantation The Future Is Now

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Head Transplantation The Future Is Now

No More Worries about Head: Doctors ready to perform Head Transplant for the First Time

If you have lost your mind you can get a new one, yes really this is possible a doctor is now working on its very first ‘Head Transplantation’ which is a big achievement in science. The genius Italian neurosurgeon Sergio Canavero has been working on it from several years.

Sergio Canavero when talked to people publically in 2013 he told that “Many years ago he lost one of his best friend‘s to Cancer. Then he thought that could he been able to transform his friends head with a healthy head to escape from his cancer because of a healthy donor body, then he would have saved his life”. In 1970, Doctor White carried out first Head-Body transplantation on monkeys but the problem was that at that time there was no technology to rejoin a set of spinal cord. In 2001, Dr White successfully repeated the operation on the monkey.

Over the past 35 years, researchers from all around the world set out to find a cure for Spine paralysis despite high hopes and many promising leads they all failed. Thus in the experts opinion reconstructing a spinal cord is impossible and so is head transplantation but something happened there was a new kid in town, Gemini (the spinal cord fusion protocol) and Heaven (head anastomosis venture).

Canavero’s speech about this procedure at the American Academy of Neurological and Orthopedic Surgeon’s 39th annual conference served as a keynote. This complete process includes about 36 hours, around 150 people having doctors, nurses ,technicians, psychologists, and virtual reality engineers), and an amount of $20 million. A 31-year old Russian program manager, “Valery Spiridonov “suffering from intense muscular atrophy disorder Werdnig-Hoffman disease, has decided to become the first patient despite the fact that he could die.

Working according to Canavero

Canavero decided to make two surgical teams which will work simultaneously. One will look after the Spiridonov, the living patient and the other will take care of the donor’s body. According to order, the donor will be brain-dead and could be selected on the basis of height, build and immunotype. The patients should be injected and hooked up to breathing systems and electrodes that can keep track of brain and heart activity. After that, the head of Spiridonov will be nearly frozen which means that for some time he will be brain-dead himself. The appointed physicians will then drain the blood from his head, and can flush it by doing a surgery.

In order to stop the flow of blood, tubes will be looped around major arteries and veins, and when the new body is attached these tubes could be removed to allow for the solution.

The major part of all is cutting both spinal cords, a $200,000 diamond nanoblade, which comes from the university of Texas can be used to do it. The Spiridonov head has to be replaced with a new one within one hour after the removal of his head. All the arteries and veins will be reconnected

And new blood will flow in the whole body till head. From this spinal cord segments will be fused and all affected muscles and skin will be sewn together.

If this process is carried out successfully then Spiridonov could get up within 3 to 6 months after surgery.

It goes without saying that the person agreeing to this surgery risks his life and according to Canavero” he is the one who has to decide”.



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