CSS Introduction and CSS Syntax

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CSS Introduction CSS Syntax versions Modules

in this tutorial we will learn about CSS Introduction CSS Syntax versions Modules

What is CSS (cascading style sheet)

CSS cascading style sheet language informs to the browser how to present content of the document and how it’s should look like. In other words, HTML defines the content of the web page whereas CSS defines how element are to be displayed in the browser.

CSS 3 (Cascading Style Sheet 3)

CSS is web language to add style such as color font size position spacing to HTML elements.CSS 3 is the latest version of CSS enhanced from its earlier versions.

CSS versions

CSS all version are CSS 1, CSS 2, CSS 3 and CSS 4. CSS4 introduced by W3C on Sep 29, 2009 but currently it is not supported by any browser.
CSS 3 divided into multiples documents called modules. Each module has new functionality or extends the features from its earlier CSS 2 version.

CSS Modules

CSS 3 is available in modules. Only just three modules are released as the recommendation out of fifty modules.These modules are…

  • CSS Color Level 3
  • CSS Namespaces
  • Selectors Level 3

These following modules are stable and also in recommendation stage.

  • Media Queries
  • CSS style Attributes

These are in testing phase and also in recommendation stage.

  • CSS Backgrounds and Borders Level 3
  • CSS Image Values and Replaced Content Level 3
  • CSS Marquee
  • CSS Multi-column Layout
  • CSS Speech
  • CSS Mobile Profile 2.0
  • CSS TV Profile 1.0

These modules are the refining phase and in working draft stage.

  • CSS Transforms
  • CSS Transitions
  • CSS Values and Units Level 3
  • CSS Print Profile

These modules are in working draft and recommendation stage.

  • CSS Animations
  • CSS Flexible Box Layout
  • CSS Fonts Level 3
  • CSS Paged Media Level 3
  • CSS Text Level 3
  • CSS Basic User Interface Level 3
  • CSS Writing Modes Level 3
  • CSSOM View

These modules are in working draft stage.

  • CSS Cascading and Inheritance Level 3
  • CSS Conditional Rules Level 3
  • CSS Grid Layout
  • CSS Grid Template Layout
  • CSS Line Grid
  • CSS Lists Level 3
  • CSS Tables Level 3
  • Selectors Level 4
  • CSS Object Model

These modules are in rewriting phase in CSS3.

  • CSS Line Layout Level 3
  • CSS Ruby
  • CSS Syntax Level 3

These modules are in abandoned phase in CSS3.

  • Behavioral Extensions to CSS
  • CSS Hyperlink Presentation

CSS Syntax

CSS syntax generally consists of three things namely selector, property, and value. Selector is a html element. Property of element is a CSS property that specifies they which type of style to be applied. These properties can be text properties , positioning properties, font properties, color properties, and so on. A value is a CSS property value. A CSS property can have multiple values of color red blue yellow and so on…

CSS Introduction CSS Syntax versions Modules

<title>CSS syntax example</title>

body {
p {
h1 {


<h1>how to define css syntax</h1>
<p>This example explain about css syntax.</p>




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