how to add Swipe Refresh Layout in android studio

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Swipe Refresh Layout android pull to refresh

Swipe Refresh Layout android pull to refresh allow a user to refresh content of an app view via a vertical swipe gesture,in this tutorial I will teach you how can add SwipeRefreshLayout in your android app and change color of Swipe Refresh Layout,in this Swipe Refresh Layout example I used random no to figure out that when a user pulls to refresh how it’s getting update view in app.

Main activity


SwipeRefreshLayout Widget

The SwipeRefreshLayout add to the single ListView or GridView as the parent and Remember one thing SwipeRefreshLayout only supports to single ListView or GridView child.
below activity_main.xml shows that how you can add SwipeRefreshLayout widget to your existing or new project.


In color.xml we have defined three colors.



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