How to Integrate Google AdMob in your Android App using android studio

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Integrate Google AdMob

In this tut I will show you, how you can Integrate Google AdMob ads in your android app using android studio,admob is a multi-platform ad network for mobile apps and game owned by google, definitely by Integrating AdMob in your app you can increase your app revenue , to integrate amdob first your have to sign up on AdMob if you don’t have admob account .it is very easy to integrate lets start

To Integrate Google AdMob Interstitial Ad in Android check this Tutorial 

Creating Ad Units

There are different type ad units in admob to integrate, you can select any type ad units here we will start from the banner ad, first login to your admob account
Select or Create then select platform then select banner ad format.after creating ad units you will be provided ad unit ID lets start 😉

Main activity

in main activity. java we will define our code to implement banner ads.


in AndroidManifest.xml we will set permission for the internet.


in activity_main.xml we will set our ad unit placement widgets.


in a string.xml we will set our banner ad id as a String.


in a build.gradle we will set dependencies .



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