how to make alert dialog in android using android studio

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how to make android alert dialog box in android using android studio 

In this tutorial I will show you how you can make the android alert dialog for android app, android alertdialog  is a small popup window that prompts to show a message to android app user, android alertdialog does not take entire space on a cell screen it just shows a small android dialog with some information.

Sometimes we need in our app to android show dialog  a box to perform any action like check mark any option select date and time in android show dialog  Will ask from a user Yes or no to perform particle action without disturbing back layout

Dialog class is used to design an alertdialog android and also a base class of Dialog. alert dialog box in android can show different type information on an android dialog android like title Ok or cancel buttons and some kind of lists. alertdialog also comes with predefined UI in android SDK to select time and date from a alertdialog .


alertdialog.builder provide an API  for alert dialog to complete android custom dialog. custom dialog in android is a custom android alert box to show you a custom android popup dialoga with your own color and looks changes in the app.

When a user tab any specific option in an app likes to change metric units of a weather app it will show a android popup dialoga also called android loading dialog.

alertdialog in android comes with a dark popup dialog but with alertdialog.builder which provides an API to customize UI dialog box in android can be changed its looks according to needs.

In this alertdialog android example I will show how to make a alertdialog android with one button displaying a android messagebox . android dialog box is easy to create and also  user-friendly for a user to understand android dialog box options.



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