How to add Android RecyclerView with Circular Image

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Android RecyclerView with Circular Image

In this tutorial, I will teach you how you can add RecyclerView with Circular Image in the android app using the android studio. RecyclerView is a more flexible level that listview in android .as we are already familiar how to use listview ,in this tut I will also explain writing an adapter class, adding list and finally how to add click listener.

  • The first step adds these dependencies in build.gradle

  • Next step add a new java class and name it to and add all these codes to MyAdapter class.

Next step now create one more class in this class we will set name description and image for circle view

  • Now go res>layout> right click on it then select new resource file and enter the file name to listitem.xml and add below codes…

  • Now the last step we will move to our to add full functionality to our app

Add these all code to activity_main.xml

Download source codes

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