Android Nougat is a must for multitaskers

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Android Nougat multitaskers

The latest version of Android packs with new features are not as impressive as its improved multitasking abilities, particularly the new side-by-side Android Nougat multitaskers view that allow you use two apps at once.

Couples of other necessary new multitasking features in Nougat are
Quickly switch between the current app and the other, also a one-tap technique for closing all your multitasking windows immediately.

The pair of apps side-by-side

Tapping the multitasking button you can speedily switch between apps, and a few apps (such as Google Docs for Android) offered some limited side-by-side window features. You can get some true multitasking power after installing Nougat on your Android device. It is easy to launch Nougat’s “multi-window”: Open an app, then tap and hold the multitasking button. A new window will show all the other app windows you have open; pick one, and it’ll enlarge to fill the second window.Dragging the window divider back and forth will expand or shrink the two windows.

Tap the multitasking button to pick a new app for the second window, then choose an app from the known multitasking view.Facebook and Twitter will give you an “App may not work with split-screen” warning before squeeze into a smaller window. Instagram and Reddit won’t work side by side at all or atleast not until their developers add multi window support. Just tap and hold the multitasking button one last time to go back to normal view/ drag the window divider all the way to one side or the other.

Android Nougat multitaskers

Jump between two most recent apps

Switching from one app to another is not always quick. Tapping the multitasking button is easy, though, but you should need to pause pick the right app window.In Nougat’s new “quick switch” feature just double-tap the multitasking button to switch to the last app you were using, then double-tap the button again to return to the first app. It is just right for those of us who need to quickly switch from, say, a login screen to a password manager.


Jump between your two most recent apps-Android Nougat multitaskers

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Close all your app windows at once

Tap the multitasking button, scroll all the way to the top of your various open app windows. You’ll see a Clear All button. Tap it, all your open app windows will close and slide away, leaving you with a completely empty multitasking screen.




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