How to Use a IBM Cloud Quantum Computer For Free

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Quantum Computer

Quantum computing studies theoretical computation systems (Quantum Computer) that make direct use of quantum-mechanical phenomena, such as superposition and entanglement, to perform operations on data. Quantum computers are different from digital electronic computers based on transistors. Quantum computers have the potential to perform certain calculations significantly faster than any silicon-based computer.

Scientists have worked on building basic quantum computers that can perform certain calculations, but a live working quantum computer is still years away. About 30 years ago a physician at the Argonne National Laboratory, theorized quantum computing. In 1981, Paul Benioff is credited for applying quantum theory to computers for the first time.

The IBM Scientists have worked really hard to make a quantum computer available to the public y providing cloud service for the first time. The Vice President, Science and solutions Dario Gil who is a Researcher at IBM said, “One of the most exciting initiatives we have at IBM Research is our effort to build a quantum computer. This would be one the greatest milestones in the history of Information technology”. He further explained that quantum computing comes from nature and nature computers, so what would we really doing is understanding those fundamental aspects of nature and creating a version of it, that allows us to do universal forms of computation. The idea of putting Quantum Computing on Cloud, it is the beginning of something really important.

Quantum Computing is not like the computers you use daily. They work with the physics of Quantum Mechanics at its core. This computer is built atom by atom. Quantum mechanics itself is the most terrible topics in physics, so you should not be surprised to know the traits of quantum computing as well.


Atoms (quanta) are used in quantum computers as its physical system. In regular computers where the data is kept in the form of 0’s or 1’s bit, the quantum mechanics allow an atom to be in both 0 and 1 state. This bit of data is called QUBIT. The qubits will hold twice the information if there are an equal number of qubits and the regular bits. For example, if there are n qubits in the supercomputer, then it will have 2^n different states. This increases the speed of the system exponentially as it can hold more information.

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IBM has made a functioning quantum processor available to the public over the internet.

At T.J.Watson Research Center, New York is opening access to up to 5 qubits quantum computing processors. IBM started cloud computing allowing everyone to access this expensive technology and permits them to run codes and experiments. It has just five qubits that can be manipulated, but the company expects processors of 50-100 qubits to emerge within the next decade. General-purpose machines, which IBM calls “universal” quantum computers, will eventually use more than 100,000 qubits.

How to use IBM’S  cloud quantum computing service free?

IBM has provided a set of tutorials that can help people learn the basics. The company has also provided a point-and-click user interface for experts and beginners alike.

The system converts the inputs from users into a quantum assembly language that runs on the chip. So the company has developed a scheduling system that runs the tests one by one. You can post your jobs and you’ll be informed results in the email.




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