How you can use your Iphone, Android, and Windows 10 smartphone as a Wi-Fi hotspot

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Use your iPhone, Android, and Windows 10 smartphone as a WiFi hotspot

Now it is easy to access the internet on Pc with your smartphone. Wi-Fi is necessary and available everywhere these days. Sometimes there come the situation when you utterly must get your laptop online to edit a document or reply to a long email.We often feel hard while doing an important work using a small screen. This problem has been minimized somehow we can turn our smartphone into Wi-Fi hotspot for the laptop. Before you use a smartphone as a WiFi hotspot just should know that U.S. carriers have definite plan requirements. Few carriers automatically turn to a plan that has this quality if you use your phone as a hotspot.

Android (based on Android 6, Marshmallow)

  • On Android: Open the Settings app, and under Wireless & networks tap on More.
  • Settings à Wireless & networks à More
  • On the next screen: Tap Tethering & portable hotspot and then tap Set up Wi-Fi hotspot.
  • Tethering & Portable hotspot à Set up Wi-Fi hotspot.
  • A small pop-up window will come into view with the name of your Wi-Fi hotspot, the password, and the Wi-Fi band. These options can be changed from this window.
  • Exciting thing is that you can name the Wi-Fi hotspot and change its password just like your router.
  • Tap the Show password checkbox and then change the password of your choice. After setting up all tap Save to close the pop-up window.
  • To activate the portable Wi-Fi hotspots again go to
  • Settings > Wireless & networks > More > Tethering & portable hotspot.
  • Now tap the slider marked Portable Wi-Fi hotspot to the on position (it will turn green).
    !! Some carrier-sold phones have removed the functionality so Android users may have to turn to a third-party app to create a Wi-Fi hotspot.

Wi-Fi hotspot

iOS (based on iOS 9)

  • On your iPhone: Open the Settings app and then tap Personal Hotspot.
  • Settings à Personal Hotspot.
  • Tap the slider labeled Personal Hotspot to activate the feature on the next screen.
  • Password for your Smartphone’s hotspot will be under the slider button. Change it as you want Tap Done after changing it.
  • Your device name will turn into Hotspot name.

Wi-Fi hotspot

Windows 10 Mobile

  • Open the Settings app in Windows 10 Mobile, and select Network & Wireless.
  • Settings à Network & Wireless.
  • Then select Mobile hotspot and turn the top slider under Mobile hotspot from Off to On.
  • Mobile hotspotà  On/Off.
  • Here is an option to share your internet connection over Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.
  • Wi-Fi is selected by default.
  • The network name and Network password are shown under this. These are your phone’s hotspot name and password. Tap Edit to rename your hotspot and change the password.

Wi-Fi hotspot

Back to your PC

Now it’s time to turn your laptop over to the new Wi-Fi hotspot. All versions of Windows will act in the same way.Connecting a PC to your phone’s Wi-Fi hotspot and a regular router, both are same.In the taskbar: Click on the Wi-Fi symbol on the far right. Choose the name of the hotspot for your phone, and then enter the password from the list of various Wi-Fi access points. It may slow at times, but for basic web browsing or email, it will work very well.Just plug your phone into charging because hotspot just drains the phone’s battery.



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