“The Duke” Controller For Xbox One Is Ready To Make Its Comeback

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The Duke Controller For Xbox One

xbox duke The Xbox inventor is thinking to bring back The Duke Controller for Xbox one. Let’s see why the developers think that “The Duke” controller could become part of Xbox One. For that, you need to know about The Duke controller.

THE DUKE Controller

The Xbox controller was introduced at the Game Developers Conference in 2000, and it was the main controller for Microsoft’s Xbox console. It was called as “Duke” because it was huge and was difficult for small hands to use it. It was the first controller but after some time it got phased out and was replaced by a smaller version by Microsoft named: controller S. After that the Duke was not seen in the market. The Controller ‘S’ was the typical controller in Japan, but when its demand increased the developers decided to release it in other territories.

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Xbox was released in November 2001 by Microsoft. It became very popular soon after its release. Microsoft sold more than 24 million units that year. According to the Microsoft’s Chief Xbox officer stated in 2001, it was frequently sold out after its launch. During a week more than 100,000 units were delivered. That is why it was not available during all the vacations. It became the biggest game controller according to Guinness World Records in 2008. It would be interesting if Microsoft agrees to release the Duke for Xbox One.

"The Duke" Controller For Xbox One Is Ready To Make Its Comeback

Seamus Blackley’s Effort

Seamus Blackley is an American video game designer and the co-inventor of Xbox. He surprised the Xbox community by giving them a clue that there might be a possibility that Duke would make its comeback for Xbox One Release. Seamus consulted his fans on twitter asking them that would they like the idea if Microsoft made an official Xbox One compatible Duke.

If the response of people would be optimistic then he might persuade the boss of Xbox Phil Spencer to introduce an Xbox One compatible Duke controller because he is no longer a member of Microsoft. Still, there is no update about, whether this controller will come to market or not.




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