Windows Store Has Terrible Support for Games and Needs To Fix It

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Windows Store

Windows Store Has Terrible Support for Games and Needs To Fix It: When Technology changes, sometimes there are unresolved issues. Microsoft has released Windows 10 about 6 months ago, and according to Microsoft Windows, 10 is the best platform. While PC gamers are not satisfied with the support of Windows 10 for playing games. Recently Microsoft has released Rise OF Tomb Rider on Windows Store, but there are so many issues to be resolved that is why users especially gamers are scared off the platform.

Microsoft introduced Universal Windows Platform first time in the Windows 10, the purpose of this tool is to facilitate the developers to develop multi-platform apps and games which run on different devices like Personal Computers, Windows Phone, Tablets, PDA’s or even on the XBOX and Play-station. That means the Microsoft has the strategy to develop interconnected applications.

There are different limitations of UWP. It has enforced Borderless Full screen to the user and there is no option available to change it to Exclusive Screen Mode. To go back to the Windows Screen, Alt + Enter is used, it should be available as the option while here it is compelled. Usually, it has some disadvantages.

For example, in Rising of Tomb Rider, Borderless Fullscreen  compels V-Sync, Nixxes, causing performance loss and therefore it is not possible to prevent this V-Sync or Nixxes as there is no option available to allow the user whether he wants V-Sync or not. Instead of compelling V-Sync should be available as an option. V-Sync introduces input lag, And NVIDIA’s GSYNC cannot be enabled as long as V-Sync is enforced. The avoid this, people has bought different software s for improvements.

Rise of the Tomb Raider

There is another issue for those having multiple discrete GPUs. There are compatibility issues with several overlay programs either, such as Afterburner, FRAPS and even the popular post-processing injector ReShade.  Moreover, Downloading speed is very low.

The blame is right by the gamers for Tomb of Ride due to UWP framework limitations, but it is said that Steam Version of Tomb of Ride does not have such issues.

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PC gamers can choose other Games like the latest adventure of Lara Croft on Valve’s Steam, Aaron Greenberg, Head of Marketing at Xbox,   which will be soon available on Windows Store exclusive.

Upcoming in April, Quantum Break may be most dangerous application for the Microsoft and Windows App store due to above-mentioned restrictions and they should really fix all the mentioned issues to again get attention of computer games

Due to high graphics quality, with smooth gameplay, and we’ll very much need technologies like GSYNC and SLI/CrossFire for playing Quantum Break (the only DX12 game).

Microsoft has planned to release different PC games like Lineup, with ReCore, Fable Legends, Gears of War: Ultimate Edition, Quantum Break, Halo Wars 2, Killer Instinct and Sea of Thieves this year. And if they kept on losing development scheme as discussed, then it would just disappoint us. We hope for the best!!!



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