Twitter’s new timeline, and it’s all about the algorithm

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Twitter new timeline

Twitter a social website, has now announced to change its interface and it will allow the people to show the tweets of those whom they have followed in relevance order. Now the update of Twitter new timeline which is coming in next few weeks , people would be able to see first the important tweets or those tweets they want first to see them then watch other less important tweets.

People are awaiting for this upcoming update. You follow hundred or millions of people on twitter and you want to get updated with the most important tweets of your especial ones. This feature is available from Wednesday, but still manually you have to change settings to get this facility. On the number of user’s response, Twitter is planned to update this future and would be available to all the users.

The most important tweets for you will be on the top of your timeline, and the less important tweets for you will be underneath the most important updates. To be updated with the new tweets of your loved ones, or those who you most care about, just refresh the twitter page, and you will get yours important tweets on the top of your timeline. In this way people can be involved in more live conversations and commentary, and enjoy the facility.

As it is already said that this update is just to check the response of people and to facilitate them, so your response is very important, give feedback to twitter. So that they may make it available to all users.

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To check this feature, follow these steps.

  1. Login to your twitter Account.
  2. Go in timeline setting and choose ‘Show me the best tweets first’.
  3. Enjoy and give your feedback regarding improvement.




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