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Kickass torrents alternative?

It’s sad to inform you that the owner of KickAssTorrents has been arrested and the torrent is banned. In Ukraine, a thirty-year-old Polish national, Artem Vaulin, committed copyright infringement of several accounts and money laundering charges while using KickAss Torrents, due to which he got arrested. We heard that a complaint was also filed against KAT in the U.S.District Court in Chicago which professed that they were using copyright material worth $1 billion. As a result, Vault would be handed over to the US police, thereby confiscating all Kick Ass Torrent domains. Vaulin was considered culprit for all the chargers. Now a day’s some fake websites are trying to use their name by making the clone of the original website “KAT” which demands user’s information for downloading a torrent, that the KickAss Torrent never asked. Be careful when downloading newer torrents, in order to protect you IP’s. The people, who are sad to hear this news, should not worry at all because there are a number of remarkable alternatives to Kick Ass Torrent.

Top Alternatives

The US Legal System and MPAA copyright clowns are happy on their success without worrying about their future. You can now download your favorite videos and media from the great alternatives we provide. Until KAT is banned, we offer you the top fifteen KickAss Torrents clones and substitutes to choose from.


The fans of KAT don’t need to worry because “KickAssTorrent.To” is the most recent clones of KAT, which is suggested by experts. You can easily use it because it is simply accessible and available, offering an understandable KAT library, along with advanced features. If you are willing to download your favorite songs, movies, videos and TV serials then visit our site now. The KAT clone allows all games and applications’ library of the parent website “KAT”, to be loaded easily. The users can login from any website because the websites don’t need VPN to access it.


The second most interesting KickAss Torrent Clone is “KICKASS-TOP.COM” that allows you to simply download a number of torrents for games, TV shows, movies, apps, books, animations and much more than official website of KAT. Accept from the restriction local restrictors, this website is easily accessible from all areas. This KAT clone has offered some interesting features like; latest updated blog posts, a flourishing KAT community, the logging of account is rehabilitated to two-factor authentication.


Here is another energetic clone of kickass torrents which allows you to download movies, apps, games, TV serials and some other torrents present in the original KAT field. After the shutdown of KickAss Torrent, this was the first one to come up.


This is the most exclusive clone of torrents named,“”.Like the original KAT, it provides the quickest and influential torrent Data search engine. It supports 63 combinations of domains and claims to be indexing 55,110,929 torrents. It is known as a comeback for torrentz.


It is known as the imitation or copy of the true Kickass torrent official website. It is the clone that contains the original KAT torrent library. It is called the brainchild of the popular torrenting site named “IsoHunt”. It can be used to download the things you wish such as movies, apps, TV shows and so no.


One of the grand alternatives for kickass torrents is “YTS.AG”. It is not a part of YTF and YIFY group because the official YTF&YIFY group is now a separate group and they have not permitted the use of their brand name. The type of YIFY torrents in 720p, 1080p, and 3D quality can be simply downloaded using YTS movie torrents here.


It is another popular torrent site. Due to the shutdown of KickAss Torrents site, the Extratorrent’s traffic has increased much. As soon as the news that Extratorrent became the home of EETV and ETRG came out, it became extremely popular amongst torrent communities. It order to download a number of movies, games, TV serials, pictures, books and so on, Extratorrent provides you several torrents that are organized in a comprehensive database. If you are used to of using torrent then this is the correct place for you. The user-friendly and tempting interface is the best aspect of this alternative of KickAss Torrent. To provide ease for users the job of content searching is kept simple. For trending torrents, you can search clouds and also find a dedicated FAQ community. This site is very famous because about 30,000,000 Unique Monthly Visitors around the world visit this site.

(8) the pirate bay

It went through the same phase as KickAss Torrents are going through now. But “The Pirate Bay” is back in its full form and available torrents, after its revival in 2015. It was really a start from scratch for The Pirate Bay. Only this is considered as one of the best substitutes for KAT. It hosts a huge library of torrents, not exactly as original KickAss Torrent site has, but nearly close to that. While the KAT is going through this hard time and you are bothered about your security then we recommend you to use The Pirate Bay.


It is also one of the most cited torrent libraries and is considered as a good alternative to KickAss Torrent. It has offered torrent downloader’s with a great zeal of ideal solutions to protect their privacy when they are downloading. IsoHunt has suffered the most, but still succeeded to protect its servers. According to its latest feature, the users can sign up and become a part of vast IsoHunt’s community and take part in forum discussions. This torrent library is quite favorite among the authors and suggested as the number one choice for KAT users.


Torrent Hound is a great offer for users who are interested in watching latest TV shows and movies. It is not much popular as KickAss Torrent, The Pirate Bay, and IsoHunt. Torrents are available in different types but to search seeders becomes the problem for older files. In spite of all this, it is considered one the best torrent libraries substitute to KickAss Torrent. While users are downloading their choice torrents it hosts a secure torrent client of its own to secure them proactively and also provide live statistics of its libraries and downloads.


It is a full imitation of the official KickAssTorrents site. The “Kat.How” site has the same design and functionality as that of official KAT site. We cannot say that whether this site was revived by the original KAT team. But it was running before this all happened to KAT so this could be a clone of any other KickAss Torrents’ clones site. If you are gloomy that the official KAT site is down then this is the right alternative for you. When we examined this site we came to knew that it shows much resemblance with official KAT site and its files are working properly. The search functionality is also updated now.


KickAssTorrentsas is also a great a remarkable substitute to the official KickAss Torrents site. It also imitates the design and functionality of the original site. But you need to be careful while using this site, for instance, it asks you to provide your credit card info, then doesn’t ever provide it as it is not operated by the original KickAss Torrents team. You should install antivirus software or use VPN when visiting these sites. The torrents files can be used without any issue and all the links are working properly. This site uses the database dump released by KickAss Torrents Team years ago when ThePirateBay was facing a hard time.


TorrentDownloads is also a really good KickAss alternative site. It has wonderful features of KickAss Torrents with the minimal site design. It is popular and received 2,000,000 unique monthly visitors and it has 5000+ of Alexa rank. Using Magnet link or downloading .torrent files, you can download torrent files in an easy way. At present all torrent links are in working form and the server is also working in a quick and efficient way.


The “1337x” is another KickAss Torrents Alternative site which has imitated all torrent download features. We are not sure that whether it will continue to be popular in future, but now it is receiving a good traffic. and 1337x is on top after shut down of pirate bay/torrentz/kickass and torrenthound

It is quite a difficult job to find a substitute for the KickAss Torrents, Torrentz, and TorrentHound. There are multiple clones of these sites available, but only  few of them are reliable and trustworthy. This year was quite sad for the fans of the top Torrent sites KickAss Torrents, Torrentz and TorrentHound. All these alleged sites were either shut down by the government or by themselves, which created a commotion among the Torrent fans.

Talking about the KickAss Torrents alternatives or Torrentz alternatives, some sites including 1337X, and are slowly and steadily with the passage of time, filling up the gap and gaining traffic. is a clone site and it is one of the best KickAss Torrents alternatives with 55,109,765 torrents from 63 domains already. It lacks community spirit because it forbids users of vote, comment or bookmark.Talking about 1337X, it got a lot of advantage from the shutdown of Torrentz as it is in the category of top five torrent sites that are most used, according to TechTimes.

It must be noted that these sites may contain pirated content, so the users should be vigilant while using these clone Torrent sites, for their safety and security.

Kickass comeback as a “” domain

It looks as if the world’s most popular torrent website is back with a new domain As the original KickAss Torrents Domain was seized by the U.S government, this website features the same layout and seems like a mirror of it. We are not sure whether this is an old website which is an alternative to KickAss Torrents, or KAT mirror that has been renovated as the KickAss Torrents website. In spite of all these facts, this website seems to be exactly like the world’s largest torrent website KAT, having the same layout and popup ads. The fans are really happy and are welcoming this revival of KAT.



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