How To Record Screen in windows 10 Using Xbox App

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Record Screen in windows 10

Record Screen in windows 10: Different windows screen recorder software and screen recorder apps are available in the market. Sometimes these video recorder software after trial, you have to buy them for their usage in the business like capturing videos for YouTube or Dailymotion channels and sometimes taking security risk, you find some cracks to run video capture. To save your time and money, Microsoft has included the built-in feature of video screen capture in Windows 10, which allows users to record videos for two hours. The screen capturing feature is called Game DVR which is hidden inside Xbox app and can be used to record video games or working of any other software like Web Browser, Microsoft Word, DOS or Console Window etc. Game DVR is a good windows video recording software, but it has a limitation that it cannot capture the whole screen, it only captures a specific part of the windows.

To record Windows 10 Screen using Xbox app, you have to follow these steps:

  1. Open the Start menu and go to All apps and click record windows screen recording2. Xbox will be setup automatically with following screen


screen video recorder Xbox set up3. By using the shortcut key, Window Key + G, Open the Game Bar inside any program or game you want to capture screen.

4. Click on yes, it is a game. You have to check it even the program is not a game.

5. In the Game bar, click the big red button to start video screen recording of the app. This will only record the app window — it will not record your full screen, nor will it record mouse movements.

screen capture video6. To stop the recording, click the red button or press Win Key + G again.

7. You can the open the recorded video by opening the video recording containing folder.

windows 10 record my screen menu

8. To use other  features of Game DVR, you can use the following  screen

recorder screen setting

As Game Bar is limited so some other features that can also be used are

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  • Record the game in the background.
  • Record on different kinds of display.
  • Setting up the maximum recording duration.
  • Showing the recorded time on display.




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