Microsoft buys UK-based (AI) artificial intelligence firm SwiftKey

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artificial intelligence firm SwiftKey

Microsoft buys UK-based (AI) artificial intelligence firm SwiftKey

SwiftKey UK-based artificial intelligence firm known by its keyboard app SwiftKey,SwiftKey is a keyboard applications used by millions of users. And also company known by computer software of Prof Stephen Hawking’s wheelchair.

According to latest news SwiftKey firm has been acquired by Microsoft and company has confirmed it.source has confirmed that deal has done worth of $250m (£174m).

SwiftKey’s founders Jon Reynolds and Ben Medlock said in blog post that it was a mile stone in its history .we believe in enhancement of latest technology so we can provide better and reliable technologies to people so it was a step toward is big achievement to join Microsoft we believe joining Microsoft a good step for company to start a new journey in latest technology.

SwiftKey is a UK-based latest artificial intelligence firm in the world which bought by big tech giant Microsoft.

it is not first time that any big tech company paid $250m (£174m),if we see in past Facebook already bought so many companies and paid in millions $$.

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Facebook paid $19 billion to buy whats app messenger app and according to Facebook whats app has now One billion active users.

Google bought Beep mind firm in 2014, for £400m and other side apple bought VocalIQ firm.

This deal will be a good point for Microsoft in phone market. Company already has a market share in software, rather than focusing on Hardware Company going to build wide range of productivity software that can be run and used on any kind of devices and this will make a strong hold for windows phone in market.



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    Dat is very nyc..I will go for join dis for sure!!

  3. Siddharth Kapoor says

    Well dat is very nyc..I’ll go ahead for dis for sure..

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