Amazon releases Lumberyard game engine

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Amazon releases Lumberyard game engine

Developers, now you can use Amazon Services for your game development. Amazon has recently released its free 3D Game Engine known as Amazon Lumberyard game engine, in which you can develop full functional and triple A quality 3D Games  for PC, Xbox1,and PlayStation4.

Amazon has licensed with CryEngine to build off the games. The games will be developed by the integration of two engines. The CryEngine is available at 9.90$ per month. The engine itself is based on CryEngine, and different games like Crysis, Far Cry, and Evolve has been made using this engine. Lumberyard can also be integrated with Legacy Game Sample which contains has all the code and assets of first person shooting game, complex animations, vehicles and buildings etc.

The Lumberyard is in Beta version, and Developers can develop their game in this engine along with the integration of their games with Amazon Web Services for the online play and that is the only paid part of the Game Engine. Amazon does not ask for having royalties.  Just for using Amazon Web Services, developers have to pay money to publish their games for online play. Moreover, you can create add Multiplayer functionality along with the integration of Amazon Web Services and Amazon Gamelift using Amazon Cloud infrastructure.

Amazon Lumberyard game engine
Image: Amazon

You can also download and install different asset packages for creation of different games. There are different type  of assets packages are available like Woodland forests, 1950’s old Beach Theme , vehicles and buildings and other different characters. The weights of asset packages is about 1.5GB to 4 GB, to download.  The overall weight of Lumberyard Engine is about 10GB and can be downloaded from Amazon.

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Not only this, Amazon has also integrated Twitch Video Streaming Tools with the Lumberyard. That is the reason why Amazon has become famous and popular for Game Developers.



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