Contact Lenses Game Changing Technology Turns into Tiny Computer Screens

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Tiny Computer Screens

Tiny Computer Screens: Researchers keep on researching about innovation, change and up gradation of Technology. Recently, Scientists used a polymer film coating that is conducting electricity. So by using this conducting film in the lens, it is now possible to double the image within the lens. This lens would also be used in Google Glass.

You are wondering what I am talking about. Don’t be wonder I am trying to explain this technological breakthrough which is the result of research work of two years and deep research of more than 10 years of the researchers at University of South Australia’s Industries Future Research Institute.

Researchers have used conducting electricity through polymer film coating. And it is called as ‘Game Changing Technology’ by Drew Evans, an associate Professor of Physics.

The lens which conducts electric current and supports a mini screen on the lens using very small electric circuits is named as Optic-mystic.

Telling about the conducting lens, Drew Evans, Associate Professor of Physics said

We’re talking about anything from a simple sensor that can measure the amount of glucose in your blood through to actually creating electronic displays. So, rather than having something like a pair of glasses that’s acting like a computer, you can actually generate images directly on your contact lens.

So now it is also possible to measure the blood sugar levels through single display instead of using any pair of glasses. Verily researchers are working day and night for bringing life sciences and latest technology together.

They are researching about Alphabet’s reading and converting image generation into electronic lenses.

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Verily is known as Google Life Sciences Institute and it is expected that Verily may not add any more functionality in the conducting lens else than that of measuring glucose level of the body.

The conducting lens being manufactured by Future Institute would be alternative to Google Glasses and you can have a lot of information through conducting lens.



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