Internet Population increased to 3.2 Billion users WorldWide

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Internet Population increased

The Internet is growing day by day, and the internet has become a global source of communication all over the world. The world is now called ‘Global Village’ because of Internet. Recently, it is reported by Facebook that Internet Population increased number of globally online users was 3.2Billion in 2015, as compared to the report of 2014, in which Internet Population was 3 billion. It means 200 million new people have recently joined internet community i.e. they are using the internet in any sense. In past 10 years, 200million to 300 million people per year has connected to the internet.

It is positive news in term of growth, and it was also revealed that globally, 4.1 Billion people, were not Internet Users in 2015.

The four key barriers to internet access include:

  • Availability: Proximity of the necessary infrastructure required for access.
  • Affordability: The cost of access relative to income.
  • Relevance: A reason for access, such as primary language content.
  • Readiness: The capacity to access, including skills, awareness, and cultural acceptance.

Internet Population increased

Corporations, Governments, NGOs and non-profit organizations need to work together to address the barriers to connectivity, continue gathering more accurate data on the state of global connectivity and develop global standards for collecting, reporting, and distributing this data.

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Increasing internet access globally especially in the rural areas is necessary for the betterment of people. For educating them, for good communication, for good living and growing the economy of their country.

“There’s still plenty of room for growth on a worldwide basis, the industry needs to focus on the people without access and figure out the next steps to help them,” said Jeff Kagan, an independent industry analyst.



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