Intel’s 16 Core Xeon D-1571 Processor Launched For Microservers Based on Broadwell Architecture Priced at $1222

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Intel’s 16 Core Xeon D-1571 Processor Price $1222

Intel’s 16 Core Xeon D-1571 Processor Price $1222: There are improvements in hardware and software technology. On every new day, you hear about new invention or new product of some sort of computer technology with some improvement. Intel has announced and released their fastest ever chip for the microserver market, in the Xeon D family. The newly launched chip is based Intel’s Broadwell architecture  using the 14nm FinFET technology. The chip has highest core count available and is named as Xeon-D1571.

Broadwell Processors

The Xeon-D1571 has 16 Broadwell cores , the same would be used in the upcoming  Xeon E5 V4 “Broadwell-EP” line up which is coming soon in Q1 2016. The specifications of the chip are 14nm process, clock speed of 1.3Ghz, 4 MB of LLC (L3 Cache) and a TDP of just 45W. The TDP is just similar to 8core Xeon-D-1541. Not only this, Chip supports hyper threading also. The price in the market is $1222 US.

Some other features which Xeon-D family chips are expected to support are VT-X/VT-d virtualization, RAS features and the entire TXT, AVX2, TSX Instruction set, and it is also using SOC(System on Chip) hardware design which means chipset logic would lie on system and would be more efficient than the two chips logic lying in the motherboard.


It would also support either dual-channel DDR4 memory (2133 MHz) or DDR3L ram (1600 MHz). 24 PCI-e Gen 3.0 lanes and 8 PCI-e Gen 2.0 lanes, would be used for expansion of SOC. 10 Gigabit Ethernet LAN ports, 4 USB 3.0, 4 USB 2.0 ports and 6 SATA 3 ports for I/O support. And system would support 2 DIMMs per channel with the total capacity support up to 128 GB (RDIMM) or 64 GB (UDIMM/SODIMM) in ECC or non-ECC types.


Intel has also planned to launch Xeon-D-1587 which would have higher clock rates than D-1571, and TDP of 65W due to higher clock rates but other features and specifications would be same to Xeon D-1571. Due these changes, i.e. higher clock rate and higher power consumption , the price rates would comparatively higher than Xeon-D1571. To purchase these micro-servers , you have to directly deal with IntelAIP partners like SuperMicro or Giga where soon they would  available for sales.

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Intel Xeon D vs Pentium D Broadwell Microprocessors Specifications:

SKU Cores/Threads Cache TDP Launch Date
Xeon D – 1571 Xeon D – 1587 16/32 24 MB 45/65W Q1 2016
Xeon D – 1567 12 or 16 Cores (TBC) 18 or 24 MB (TBC) (TBC)Q1 2016
Xeon D – 1557 12/24 18 MB (TBC) Q1 2016
Xeon D – 1548 Xeon D – 1541 8/16 12 MB 45W Q4 2015
Xeon D – 1537 8/16 12 MB 35W Q4 2015
Xeon D – 1528 6/12 9 MB 35W Q4 2015
Pentium D – 1519 4 or 6 Cores (TBC) 6 or 9 MB (TBC) (TBC) Q1 2016
Xeon D – 1518 4/8 6 MB 35W Q4 2015
Pentium D – 1517 4/4 6 MB 25W Q4 2015
Pentium D – 1507 2/2 3 MB 25W Q4 2015
Pentium D – 1503 2/2 3 MB 17W Q4 2015

Specifications of Intel’s 14nm Xeon-D and Pentium-D SoCs.
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