Hottest new tech products from CES 2016

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CES 2016

At this year in consumer electronics show thousands of new technology products launched. They made a good impression on visitors from more than 150 countries approximately 150,000 visitors. Huge numbers of products lunched in CES 2016 but we will discuss only some top products which attract to visitors more on their unique technology and styles.

HTC Vive Pre

In consumer electronics show, virtual reality was a big news at this year in which different companies present numerous headsets, controllers, and applications. HTC was one of the companies leading the charge with its second-generation Vive Pre headset which is more compact and comfortable and features improved lenses, as well as refined handheld controllers having a front face camera for detecting its wearer’s surroundings and keeping him or her from walking into things.

According to HTC, they will start taking pre-order in February and shipping date expected in April. The company has not yet announced the price. Its main competitor plans to sell its Rift headset for $599 the US later in 2016.

HTC Vive Pre


In this year in consumer electronics show drones were seen everywhere because of its increasing demands. Drones in CES were not allowed to fly freely and were instead relegated to caged silos at show inspire 1 sells for $2,600 US and was designed for the professional filmmaker with a 4k camera and video positioning system.


4K TVs

IN CES 4k TV’s also attract visitors a lot with 4k picking up stream with all the major manufacturers now in full-blown push mode on the higher-resolution panels. Big electronic companies such as Sony, Samsung, and LG, are also adding high-dynamic-range technology, resulting in better color ranges and whiter whites.


Huawei Watch

China’s Huawei offered most handsome smart watch in CES this smart watch running on android wear software and are aimed at women. Jewel and Watch Elegant watches selling in early 2016 for $599 US and $ was mind blowing experience with these watches the watch Jewel has 68 Swarovski zirconia crystals surrounding its circular 42-mm body and other hand watch face use low power mode lights up into full activity when tapped.


Faraday Future

Automobile attracts a good deal epically next generations cars of 2016. California-based Faraday Future emerging from stealth mode. The founder of LEtv also known also China’s Netflix said a company is gonna set to open a $1 billion production plant in Nevada and company will work on a self-driving electric vehicle. The company’s futuristic-looking concept car, the FFZero1, attracted big crowds — and big questions about whether it’s all for real.


4K Blu-ray

With 4k televisions companies gonna soon releasing 4K Blu-ray players. Two big electronics companies such as Samsung, pictured, and Philips announce devices at CES.Samsung is aiming for a March release but has not disclosed a price, while Philips’ player is expected to cost under $400.


3D Rudder

Movement within virtual reality is still the the big issue that a number of companies are looking to solve. France’s 3D Rudder has around skateboard-like the platform that allows its user move forward backward side to side and up and down. The user can control movement with feet’s while sitting leaving hands free to do other things Company founder Stanislas Chesnais said: “We believe it’s the solution to free movement It helps to keep your hands independent”. The 3D Rudder will be available for pre-order and will start in March for $175 US.





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