Google Software Engineer Created A Smart Mirror for His Bathroom

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Smart Mirror

Google Software Engineer Created A Smart Mirror for His Bathroom:As it is the era of smart devices. Everywhere in the world, there are smart devices. People have smart-phones, smart tablets, PDA’s etc. Users think how to use and be entertained with smart devices. But developers and engineers think differently. They think and get ideas, about how to make non-smart things to smart devices. To make this fiction into reality,

Recently a Google Android Engineer, Max Braun developed his bathroom mirror into smart mirror connected with his phone and showing all important updates like Date, Time, Weather updates and news headlines just like a smart Android phone. He further plans to add more functionality.   He published his work on medium (his blog).

About this invention, he said: what he was looking for was unavailable in the market. Or what was available in the market was in parts. To change his mind work into reality, he bought two-way mirror, a display panel, a control board, and other different components for art and supplies work, and in his spare time, he started working on this project on experimentation basis and now after hard work of one year he succeeded in completing this project. Still he says there is some other functionality to be added in the project later.

Images | Max Braun

As it is clear from the Picture, On the right side of the screen there is date and time and on the left side of screen , there is weather forecast, and below the weather there are important headlines. He has designed the UI of mirror  as to change it colors according to weather conditions.

In back end, The code behind this UI is using different type of Android APIs like Forecast for weather,Associated Press for news feed. And still he wants to add some other functionalities like traffic, reminders etc. There would no need for user to interact with the UI , instead it will automatically connect and update using open-ended voice search interface.

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The display  of the mirror is made clean and it is embedded a few millimeters layer of two sided mirror and the door of the medicine cabinet. Still the UI code is few hundred line of code, and he is testing to run it on different platforms devices like Chromecast, Nexus Player and then Fire TV stick.


Images | Max Braun

Still Braun says he has not given much time to software of smart mirror , he is working on the project and plan to share his  research in the near future.




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