Converts Any Computer into a Gaming Console with Linux based OS Lakka

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Linux based OS Lakka

Converts Any Computer into a Gaming Console with Linux based OS Lakka:Lakka is Linux based operating system To convert any computer into full-fledged retro gaming is based on OpenELEC and RetroArch and supports large variety of old to new computer boards.

Now it’s time to go in basement store and clean dust from your old computers and make ready for full-fledged retro gaming console.

Ready-to-install system is derived form of OpenELEC, OpenELEC is version of a Kodi home theater software.Lakka also work as a DIY retro console based emulation upon the RetroArch emulator software.

Lakka comes in support of wide range hardware support and with useful feature like Braid-like rewinding, video streaming, and joypad hotplug.

Just install it on SD card, it’s easy to setup and you are ready to play all your favorite vintage games.To run lakka, Hardwar you needed available at very low cost as just $30. This hardware easily runs variety of computer boards including PCs, Raspberry Pi, Raspberry 2, Odroid, Banana Pi, CuBox-i, Cubietruck, Cubieboard 2, HummingBoard etc.

Lakka also provides support to games controllers like PlayStation, Nintendo, and Xbox.Lakka interface is very simple and user friendly like PS4 and PS3 operating systems.Where consoles run horizontally across the screen and games run vertically.

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As you plugged you’re any PS or XBOX controller it’s recognized instantly and you are ready to play.If you like to install lakka on your pc it’s perform can be get more smoothly.These ideas were already out there and implemented but lakka made everything much easier than those ideas.


Lakka installation too easy you just need to download lakka from this site and then transfer all files it to your USB driver and you are ready now to install or to run live on your USB drive.

Lakka is open source project and under heavy development process, if you notice any bug you can contribute on GITHUB.



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