AMD’s Zen Architecture Based Server Platform Leaked

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AMD known as Advanced Micro Devices is progressing day by day. It is all set to introduce new technologies in the coming year. The big and enthusiastic fans of AMD would be really happy as AMD is releasing computer processor microarchitecture known for the codename’ Zen’ in the beginning of 2017. Zen features high-performance enlightenment. It offers 40% more performance than previous AMD core and has great accuracy and throughput. Recently a very significant disclosure of Zen is introduced, codenamed as AMD Naples. It is the upcoming server platform which includes the latest Zen based processors to power high-performance computing. With the help of Zen core, AMD was able to achieve performance equivalence. Benchmarks for AMD’s Zen based Naples SOC are now out on the web.

AMD’s Naples SoC 2S Dual Socket configuration with 64 Cores/ 128 Threads

SiSoft Sandra benchmarks of AMD’s Naples SoC platform leak out on the web. This is a dual-socket platform that features 32 core processors with 16 dies on each board. All these specifications and some extra features were revealed that I am going to specify came on the web. Actually, at the NewCitaviaBlog a man named, DresdenBoy posted these benchmarks and removed them after some time. I don’t know whether it was intentional or unintentional but it was quite advantageous to us because we managed to get its screen shots. This posted data contained the complete string of the processor, unlike other kinds of leaks which only contained the code of the platform.

4x AMD Diesel Platform, 2S145A4VIHE4_29/14_N, 16 C

It had the following specification:

  • A base clock of 1.44 GHz
  • A turbo clock of 2.9 GHz
  • Dual Socket as shown above in the name tag, there 2S specifies the usage of 32 core processors (with two 16 core dies on board).
  • Clear capabilities of AMD’s trademark and MCM (Multi-Chip Module) are specified here.

AMD’s Naples SoC 2S Dual Socket configuration with 64 Cores/ 128 Threads

AMD’s Naples SoC 2S Dual Socket configuration with 64 Cores/ 128 Threads

AMD’s Naples SoC 2S Dual Socket configuration with 64 Cores/ 128 Threads

These screen shots also make you aware of some new specifications of Zen Architecture. These specifications are no doubted really fascinating but these do not meet the standard of 64 core setup, it may be due to the fact that the processor is not appropriately utilized by the benchmark. Zen has to make some amendments in the cryptography benchmark to overcome this issue.

  • Naples configuration will include 16 clusters of 512 KB L2 and 4 Clusters of 8 MB shared L3.
  • PCI bandwidth displayed is 310MB/s
  • Cryptography Benchmark’s clocking out at 170 MB/s.


  • A good performance of 643.37 Mpix/s is exhibited by the Processor and Multi Media. At double precision, the processors’ financial analysis is 667,500 OPTS.
  • The Geekbench leaks which occurred a few days back is quite similar to this variant.
  • SiSoft Sandra provides an entry list of 16 cores for this processor with 4 dies in play, which is quite consistent.
  • The scalability of Zen Naples platform is from 16 cores to 64 cores.

A team of AMD is working really hard to overcome all the issues and making the AMD Nepal one of the biggest success of 2017 by exhibiting great performance.



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