AMD Zen 16 Core CPU, Ready For Release in the Upcoming Year

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AMD Zen 16 Core CPU

A lot of people are excited about the upcoming AMD Zen 16 core CPU. AMD’s big “New Horizon” preview event for Zen will take place in Austin Texas.

The AMD Zen CPU’s are the first next-gen processors releasing in a year to come. This new architecture could change the CPU landscape when it releases but right now these are the best CPUs. They are simply going to be a great competition against Intel.

AMD Zen 16 Core CPU, Ready For Release in the Upcoming Year

The CPU is a 16 core, 32 thread part of “Naples”. AMD Naples is the codenamed for the new server platform that includes the latest Zen based processors to power high-performance computing. AMD disclosed that with their new Zen core they would be able to achieve performance parity with Intel.

This 16 core CPU chip is just one of the alternatives; there are some that offer 32 core, 64 thread configuration. In the x86 CPU history, it is the highest core and thread count.

AMD Zen 16 Core CPU, Ready For Release in the Upcoming Year

AMD Zen 16 core CPU

From a couple of months, AMD has been delivering engineering models of their latest enterprise platform built around Naples. We came to know about this in the beginning of this year when AMD displayed its dual-socket platform that featured 32 cores Naples CPU’s. The scalability of Zen Naples platform is from 16 cores to 64 cores.
Let me show you the photos that reveal similar and much solid configuration. It shows tow Zen SOCs present in a cooled server tray, prepared with two Radeon Pro graphics accelerators. The standard four fans fair provides the cooling mechanism by pushing cool air through components inside the enclosure and out the back. Two low profiles, thick aluminum fin heatsinks are used for directly cooling the Naples SOCs.

AMD Zen 16 Core CPU

If you look carefully at the Naples package you could see this chip is large. It is quite greater than the standard desktop Summit Ridge package. It provides LGA (Land Grid Array) in which the contacts are placed on the bottom of the chip and the pins are located in the socket. You should not confuse it with the PGA (Pin Grid Array), the two are quite different

AMD Zen 16 Core CPU

In the Second Quarter of 2017 AMD’s Foray Begins into Servers

AMD introduced the previous family of server CPUs in 2012. It was an updated version of the Bulldozer microarchitecture codenamed as Piledriver. The original Bulldozer chips were introduced in 2011.
Naples is the first brand new high-performance endeavor processor from the AMD since then. In more than a half decade, it helped the company to make its official comeback into the servers market.

They were making a comeback after such a long time so they decided to rebuild their trust and show them that they are again ready to take on Intel in this $18 billion dollar market. The fulfilled their promise and delivered a highly impactful CPU microarchitecture.

Zen is a new microarchitecture developed by Jim Keller. He was the one responsible for introducing AMD’s, most successful processors, the original Athlon and Opteron to market before a decade.

After four years spending several billion dollars the outcome is that a single Zen core offers double the performance of a Bulldozer core and makes less power usage. The efforts became fruitful in the end.
AMD introduced Naples in the beginning of this year and currently announced to introduce Zen by the second quarter of 2017. AMD had a great long journey and has still a lot more to show.



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