128GB DDR4 RAM Kit Clocked At Massive Superfast 3000MHz Announced by G.Skill

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128GB DDR4 RAM Kit Clocked

128GB DDR4 RAM Kit Clocked At Massive Superfast 3000MHz Announced by G.Skill:Technology is advancing day by day, and the main issue of using technological resources is their speed and response time. Few years people used to say with confidence and happiness that they have 16MB of Ram, but  how  odd it looks now even someone say I have 128 MB of Ram!

About three weeks ago, incredibly fast and massive, DDR4 3000MHz CL14 128GB memory kit being released by G.Skill breaking memory barrier of 64GB. G.Skill is very popular manufacturing brand of memory kits and accessories. You may have imagine such a high speed and massive memory storage but G.Skill has turned it into reality.

This latest memory kit which is expected to be in market by the end of January, contains 16GB memory modules. The kit has 8x16GB memory modules, making it best for scientific and numerical calculations, 3D rendering of objects, and for content creation.

128GB DD4 RAM Kit

According to G.Skill,

“ultimate workstation for scientific calculations,3d rendering, content creation and many other professional applications would be very easy by using these latest RAM kits.”

The new memory chip would follow latest Intel XMP2.0 standard for quad-channel X99 systems. In the past, the highest speed 128RAM ever   designed by G.Skill was of 2800 MHz DDR4 with CL 15-15-15-35. But now very fast speed of 3000Mhz DDR4 with very low CL 14-14-14-34 latency times RAM kit is announced to be released in the market By G.Skill.

128GB DD4 RAM Kit Clocked At Massive Superfast 3000MHz

It is expected that this low voltage, high frequency and high capacity 128GB DDR4 RAM kit is to be released in the market by G.Skill’s proper distributors by the end of this January. As It is for power users who massively make use of high memory, So it would be expensive as simple users does not require this massive storage. Still market prices are not announced by G.Skill.

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